Which President Was More Honest: Obama or Trump?

Biden, The Best President In U.S. History?

In a shocking new speech, President Biden openly suggested that he himself is the greatest president in America’s history.

According to Fox, Biden said during a recent speech, “I tell you what. No one’s ever done as much as president as this administration’s doing. Period.”

President Biden’s comments came during a recent speech at the White House Tribal Nations Summit which was aiming to unveil new announcements and policies that support Tribal communities.

The White House is trying to find better ways to give tribal leaders the opportunities to more easily interact with top U.S. officials and strengthen their ties to the United States government.

After suggesting that the was the greatest President in American history, Biden then reminded everyone to correct him when he makes mistakes because he does very often.

“Don’t hesitate to correct me when I make [them]. I know you; you won’t hesitate,” Biden said.