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Ocasio-Cortez Takes Over Congress

Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now going to gain even more power in Congress and is expected to take on an even larger role in the House Oversight Committee possibly making her the No. 2 Democrat in the House.

According to Politico, Ocasio-Cortez could soon be pushed into the vice ranking member position giving her the opportunity to make critical decisions on things such as Biden family business dealings to the southern border and even the “origins” of the coronavirus.

When asked by reporters about her future on Congress, Ocasio-Cortez explained, “There’s been conversations, but nothing’s been finalized.”

If AOC becomes the vice ranking member she will also take on much more responsibilities including the Democrats’ messaging and strategy and will likely work alongside Republicans such as Marjorie Taylor Greene.

When Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin was asked about Ocasio-Cortez’s future in politics, he said, “I have the greatest admiration for her skill, and I’m sure we’re going to be able to deploy her to maximum effect on the committee, along with all these other amazing new members.”

Ocasio-Cortez later rold reporters, “I think I’m going to have a lot of fun on this committee. Of course, [Republicans are] going to be calling hearings on horrible things, but our job is to protect the people and protect the vulnerable communities that they seek to attack … it gives us an opportunity and a platform to de-legitimize a lot of the disinformation that they’ve been advancing.”

Ocasio-Cortez gaining power in Congress could mean a nightmare for Republicans. It could also show the American people who the Democrats really are and inadvertently hurt them because AOC has a tendency to push some crazy far-left progressive ideas on the American people.