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Biden Gives Up

President Biden and top U.S. military officials have officially decided to “give up” looking for the two unidentified flying objects which were shot down by fighter jets over Alaska and Lake Huron.

According to The Hill, a U.S. official told the New York Times difficult conditions made finding the two downed objects too hard to recover after several days of searching.

Last weekend the United States military decided to shoot down three objects after they took down a Chinese balloon the made its over over the continental U.S. that was believed to be conducting surveillance.

President Biden himself said that he believes the 3 objects were most likely linked to a private company or researchers and were not linked in any way to China.

A U.S. official later added that Canada was going to continue doing their own independent search of the object which was shot down over the territory of Yukon. 

Furthermore the object which was shot down over Alaska was believed to be the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. U.S. military officials used machinery with radar technology to scan through the ice but was still unable to find anything.