Pelosi Says Republicans Take Away Freedoms From Americans, You Agree?

Biden Pushes Totally Insane Trump Lie

Biden is desperate to gain attention as his presidential run is failing.

During his speech at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies’ (APAICS) gala on Tuesday, President Biden criticized his Republican opponent, former President Donald Trump. Biden highlighted that Trump had actively intervened to obstruct a bipartisan border agreement earlier this year.

Biden pointed out that the bill had significant support in both the House and Senate, but Trump had called Republicans to ensure the bill did not come to a vote, fearing it would be seen as a win for Biden and a loss for himself. This intervention by Trump was seen as a direct attempt to undermine a legislative effort that had gained broad bipartisan backing.

Trump had been a staunch critic of the bipartisan bill supported by the White House, claiming it masked unrelated spending projects. He argued that President Biden already had the necessary executive powers to address the border crisis without requiring new legislation.

Trump’s criticism centered on the belief that the proposed border security deal was not truly aimed at stopping illegal immigration but was instead a means to continue policies that he viewed as detrimental to the country while allocating significant funds to foreign nations, such as Ukraine.

In his speech, Biden also revisited the controversial moments of Trump’s handling of the pandemic. Biden then lied and accused Trump of misleading the public with dangerous suggestions, such as using disinfectants inappropriately to combat the virus. Biden used this example to highlight what he viewed as Trump’s irresponsible and misleading guidance during the pandemic.

Trump’s comments about using disinfectants had caused widespread confusion and concern. Although Trump later clarified that he was not referring to injecting bleach and suggested he was misunderstood, the incident remained a point of criticism from Biden and others.

In response to Biden’s remarks, Trump labeled the Democratic Party as “fascists” on the same day he had a favorable outcome in court, which included testimony from his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen. This exchange underscored the ongoing contentious and deeply polarized nature of the political rivalry between Biden and Trump.