Do You Miss Pelosi As House Speaker?

Kamala’s Hypocrisy Sparks Outrage

Vice President Kamala Harris was rightfully attacked online after she decided to tweet an image of herself with a young Black girl who was wearing a mask while she was unmasked.

According to Fox, Kamala shared the picture from her own personal twitter account where she explained that she was trying to “inspire” black girls everywhere.

“My message to Black women and girls everywhere: Never ask for permission to lead,” Kamala wrote.


Defense attorney Marina Medvin immediately called out Kamala Harris for her foolish tweet and one user even commented, “But she needs to ask permission to breathe freely? GTFO.”

WalkUp Foundation founder Ryan Petty also criticized Kamala and said, “Did you mean ‘never mask for permission’?”

Civil liberties attorney Jenin Younes condemned Kamala as well and asked, “Are you serious? You’re muffling a child and think you’re conveying the message that she has the right to lead? You can’t be serious.”

The hypocrisy from Democrats like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is insane. Even after they have been exposed numerous time for just about everything they say and do they still continue to fail.