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DeSantis Frames Trump

DeSantis went from being America’s greatest governor to being a Trump-hater and it’s sad to see. Hopefully he changes course in the near future.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican and current GOP presidential candidate, expressed concerns in a RealClearPolitics interview about the potential misuse of governmental power by former President Trump if re-elected. DeSantis painted a picture of a second Trump term focused on retribution, accusing the former president of targeting political adversaries, including himself.

According to DeSantis, Trump is comfortable with weaponizing government institutions against those he dislikes, citing a dismissed ethics complaint filed by a Trump PAC against him, alleging early launch of a presidential campaign in violation of state law. DeSantis sees Trump’s legal issues as a distraction to the GOP race and calls for accountability.

The Florida governor entered the 2024 race with high expectations, positioning himself as a younger, more efficient alternative to a potential Trump second term. However, Trump’s dominance in early polls and his refusal to participate in primary debates have limited DeSantis’s opportunities to challenge him directly.

DeSantis questioned the accountability for Trump’s first term, suggesting that the focus on legal issues and revenge may be part of a strategic plan orchestrated by Trump and Democrats. He believes Democrats want to run against Trump, anticipating that ongoing trials could harm him in a general election.

Acknowledging the impact of Trump’s legal situation on his campaign, DeSantis admitted it makes it challenging for him to gain traction. Despite his campaign’s focus on Iowa, where he completed a “full Grassley” by visiting every county, he lags behind Trump in national primary polls and faces increasing competition from other candidates like Nikki Haley.

In the face of polling disparities, DeSantis urged Iowans to disregard media reports and polls, emphasizing the importance of doing what they believe is right. Despite the challenges, he expressed confidence in his campaign’s progress and the support he has garnered in Iowa.