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Biden Trashes Foreign President

Biden sure does have a mouth on him.

Recent reports suggest that President Biden has expressed frustration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in private discussions. According to sources cited by NBC News, Biden has conveyed his exasperation over Netanyahu’s resistance despite efforts to broker a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Sources revealed to NBC News that Biden’s interactions with Netanyahu have been marked by a sense of irritation, with the President reportedly referring to the Prime Minister in less than flattering terms. These sources indicated that Biden has labeled Netanyahu as “this guy” and, on at least three occasions, used derogatory language such as “A**hole” to describe him.

While initially expressing a favorable disposition towards Netanyahu, Biden’s sentiment seems to have shifted over time, with him characterizing the Prime Minister as “a pain” and expressing frustration over recent developments in their interactions.

However, Netanyahu himself has offered a different perspective, describing Biden as clear and focused in their discussions. Despite occasional disagreements, Netanyahu emphasized that these were not due to any lack of understanding on either side.

The pressure on Biden to take a more assertive stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict is palpable, both within his own party and from the public. Calls for a cease-fire have been echoed by members of his own campaign staff, highlighting the moral and political imperative of such a move.

Yet, amidst these tensions, the White House has pushed back against previous reports of Biden’s private criticisms of Netanyahu. A spokesperson emphasized the longstanding and respectful nature of the relationship between the two leaders, both publicly and behind closed doors.

In the face of mounting challenges, Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict remains under scrutiny, with observers closely watching for any shifts in policy or approach.