Should Obama Be Indicted Before Trump?

Americans Attacked, Biden Does Nothing

On Friday, Republican legislators heavily criticized President Biden’s reaction to the passing of an American in Syria. They claimed that his response is displaying feebleness and is not effectively deterring America’s foes.

According to Fox, the President’s condemnation arose the day following his directive to the U.S. military to launch counter-strikes in Syria. The move was in response to a drone attack by Iranian forces that claimed the life of an American contractor and left six other Americans injured. The retaliatory airstrikes purportedly resulted in the death of eight Iranians.

On Friday, factions supported by Iran conducted their own revenge attack by launching rockets that targeted a U.S. base located in northeast Syria. Initial assessments reveal that there were no reported damages to the base nor any U.S. casualties.

The Biden administration’s apparent retaliation against Iran, and the subsequent counter-attack, was criticized by Republican members of Congress who viewed it as a display of weakness.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham trashed Biden’s response and said, “President Biden and his national security team are letting America down. I fear General Milley and Secretary of Defense Austin are not proving to be up to the task of providing the deterrence America needs to remain safe. However, the ultimate blame for the failing foreign policy and military situation we find ourselves in lies with President Biden.”

“America has only one path available when attacked – respond swiftly and vigorously with overwhelming, punishing force designed to make enemies wary of engaging with the United States. Being strong is the best deterrence against future attacks,” Graham went on to say.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton then doubled down on Graham’s comments and said, “Indefensible that American life must be lost before Joe Biden acts. Had he responded in force to dozens of earlier Iranian attacks, this tragedy could have been prevented. [Austin] needs to explain why he isn’t doing more to deter Iran.”