Should Non-Citizens Be Allowed To Vote Like Democrats Want?

Jack Smith Tries To Muzzle Trump

In recent court filings on Wednesday, the special counsel, Jack Smith’s office, emphasized that former President Donald Trump should be barred from launching “political attacks” or even saying that Biden is targeting him related to his federal 2020 election subversion criminal prosecution during the trial. The Hill reported that the defense’s attempts to introduce partisan political attacks and irrelevant issues have been evident through public statements, filings, and arguments in previous court hearings.

Molly Gaston, senior assistant special counsel, conveyed in the court papers that the defense’s efforts to inject political bias and irrelevant disinformation could unduly influence the jury. Gaston argued that the courtroom should not be transformed into a platform for propagating irrelevant information, urging the court to reject Trump’s attempts to introduce politics into the proceedings.

As the trial is scheduled to commence on March 4, marking the first of Trump’s four criminal cases amidst his 2024 presidential election bid, uncertainties have arisen. Trump’s appeals based on presidential immunity and double jeopardy defenses have put the trial date in doubt, leading to a temporary halt in proceedings until these matters are resolved.

Despite the ongoing legal challenges, prosecutors have adhered to pre-trial deadlines, including the recent submission of requests to exclude evidence on Wednesday. Trump’s attorney, John Lauro, asserted in a letter to prosecutors earlier this month that rushing the case to trial in an attempt to undermine Trump’s potential candidacy would be unconstitutional. Lauro emphasized their commitment to abide by the Stay Order and warned of seeking appropriate relief if the prosecution continued to violate it. The legal proceedings remain complex, with the courtroom becoming a battleground over the admissibility of evidence and the scope of permissible arguments in the trial.