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Fox CEO Drops Tucker Carlson Bombshell

The Murdochs and Fox News have utilized their television news platform in Australia to provide a clear explanation for the dismissal of Tucker Carlson, their highly rated host.

According to Sky News Australia, a news outlet owned by News Corp, which is a sister company to Fox News, Tucker Carlson was fired due to his belief that he was more important than Fox News.

According to Newsmax, Andrew Bolt, one of Sky News’ prominent anchors, shared the news report and stated that Lachlan Murdoch, the CEO of Fox, made the decision to terminate Tucker Carlson on his own.

The report from Sky News contradicts certain American news sources that claim Rupert Murdoch, the father of Lachlan Murdoch and founder of News Corp, was responsible for the decision to terminate Tucker Carlson.

During the interview, Bolt stated, “The message is now out. If you threaten your station or your newspaper by going a bit nuts, you know, saying all sorts of wild things that maybe you know are false or maybe you haven’t even bothered to check enough, it doesn’t matter how big you are, you are never bigger than the media organization that actually made you.”

Bolt then added, “Fox News is part of the Murdoch media Empire that includes Sky News. Tucker was actually sacked, and some outlets have reported just before I went to air, he was sacked by Lachlan Murdoch, the day-to-day boss of News Corp.”

According to Bolt, Fox News has experienced the departure of significant figures like Roger Ailes, Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly, and Bill O’Reilly, yet the network has managed to become even more resilient. However, it’s possible that other hosts, not just those at Fox News, may finally comprehend that Lachlan Murdoch is the one in charge of the company.

Bolt also pointed out the recent $787.5 million settlement between Fox News and Dominion, attributing it to the irresponsible behavior of some Fox News hosts who propagated the false narrative that Donald Trump lost the last election due to rigged voting machines. However, he acknowledged that Carlson was not one of the individuals who actively promoted that falsehood, unlike some of his colleagues at Fox News.

Bolt further mentioned that Carlson is currently facing a lawsuit from a producer who has accused him of fostering a workplace that discriminates against women. Additionally, there have been reports of emails in which Carlson used a derogatory term to refer to a female colleague.