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Biden Sues Red State For Protecting America

Under the direction of President Biden, the United States government is now suing the Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and the state of Arizona after they decided to protect their own borders and used shipping containers to seal off their portion of the southern border.

Biden’s government is now claiming that Arizona is trespassing on federal lands but they fail to understand that the illegals who are crossing the border are also trespassing themselves.

According to Newsmax, Ducey even followed up with reporters and explained that they are ready to remove the shipping containers which functioned as a temporary barrier. Ducey is ready to move the containers but wants President Biden to tell Arizona when they plan on filling the gaps at the border.

Ducey explained that President Biden and the government “owes it to Arizonans and all Americans to release a timeline,” for fixing the broken border.

“Officials from Reclamation and the Forest Service have notified Arizona that it is trespassing on federal lands,” the lawsuit claimed.

Biden’s U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack bashed Governor Ducey and shipping containers are “not an effective barrier, it poses safety hazards to both the public and those working in the area and has significantly damaged public land.”

“We need serious solutions at our border, with input from local leaders and communities. Stacking shipping containers is not a productive solution,” Vilsack explained.