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VIDEO: Biden Praises Putin?

This gaffe raised some eyebrows.

During his recent State of the Union address, President Joe Biden inadvertently sparked some awkwardness when he made a slip of the tongue, inviting the audience on a hypothetical journey to Moscow.

Biden was emphasizing his administration’s efforts to tackle the high costs of prescription drugs. As part of his illustration, he mentioned several international cities where medications are often more affordable compared to the United States. In an unintended moment of humor, Moscow found its place among these cities.

During his speech, President Biden tried to lighten the mood with a playful remark, saying, “I might be in hot water for this, but who’s up for joining me on Air Force One for a trip to Toronto, Berlin, Moscow—oh, pardon me,” which raised eyebrows from the audience. He then added with a chuckle, “Well, maybe even Moscow.”

This quip didn’t go unnoticed, especially by those on the opposing political spectrum. Republicans and even former President Donald Trump’s team were quick to seize upon the moment, using it to poke fun at Biden’s slip.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt took to Twitter, insinuating a connection between Biden’s mention of Moscow and unsubstantiated claims involving financial dealings with Hunter Biden. Meanwhile, the House Judiciary GOP couldn’t resist a dig, sarcastically commenting on Biden’s sudden interest in flying to Moscow for prescription drugs.

While the slip-up provided a moment of levity during a serious speech, it also served as fodder for political opponents eager to capitalize on any misstep. Despite the jests, the core message of Biden’s address regarding prescription drug prices remained a focal point of discussion.