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Trump Gets Revenge On Biden

Former President Donald Trump warns that there are repercussions when pursuing a presidential political adversary, emphasizing that he is ready to abandon restraint and take more aggressive action against him.

According to Newsmax, on Monday, as he prepares to appear in court in Miami regarding an extraordinary federal indictment of a former president, Donald Trump declared that the precedent of targeting political adversaries while in office has been shattered.

Trump wrote, “Now that the ‘seal’ is broken, in addition to closing the border & removing all of the ‘criminal’ elements that have illegally invaded our country, making America energy independent, & even dominant again, & immediately ending the war between Russia & Ukraine, I will appoint a real special ‘prosecutor’ to go after the most corrupt president in the history of the USA, Joe Biden, the entire Biden crime family, & all others involved with the destruction of our elections, borders, & country itself!”

Supporters of Donald Trump have praised his administration for refraining from pursuing legal action against his political adversaries, despite occasional insinuations involving individuals such as former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and then-presidential candidate Joe Biden during the 2020 election.

During the time when House Democrats pursued various impeachment proceedings against then-President Trump, his former personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, raised allegations of bribery involving Ukraine.

In a brief and rushed news conference on Friday, Rudy Giuliani strongly criticized the assertion made by special counsel Jack Smith in regards to the unprecedented indictment of a former president. Giuliani emphasized that there should be a single system of laws that applies equally to all individuals.

During an interview with Newsmax’s “Saturday Report,” Rudy Giuliani strongly expressed his disagreement with the statement made by special counsel Jack Smith, calling it ridiculous and idiotic. Giuliani further claimed that the Bidens had received a $10 million bribe from Ukrainian individual Mykola Zlochevsky, which he had informed the Department of Justice about three years prior.

“And they followed up on none of the evidence I gave them. They were hoping that people would disappear or die. It’s extraordinary,” Giuliani explained.

Giuliani also mentioned that the Pittsburgh attorney general had been investigating the case initially before it was reassigned to the U.S. attorney in Delaware by then-Attorney General Bill Barr. Giuliani expressed his frustration, claiming that no significant action was taken regarding the matter by the U.S. attorney in Delaware.