Kamala Calls The DOJ Criticism Of President Politically Motivated, You Agree?

Doctor Exposes Biden’s Sad Secret

This should have been revealed before the 2020 presidential election.

Dr. Marty Makary, a medical expert associated with Fox News, recently expressed concerns about President Biden’s cognitive abilities, suggesting signs of age-related dementia that may persist throughout his presidency.

Makary’s observations followed Biden’s contentious interaction with reporters and his subsequent defense of his mental acuity in response to the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on his handling of classified information.

Speaking on “FOX & Friends First,” Makary acknowledged that occasional verbal slips are common, but he pointed to a noticeable decline in Biden’s speech rate and an uptick in memory lapses, indicating a significant progression of cognitive decline. He emphasized that this decline is not merely a medical diagnosis but rather evident to anyone observing Biden’s performance compared to years prior.

The reference to Hur’s report, which described Biden as a sympathetic elderly individual with memory issues, reinforced Makary’s concerns. He predicted that Biden’s mental state is unlikely to stabilize over the next four years, attributing the decline to age-related dementia.

Makary’s remarks echoed broader public apprehension, as indicated by a recent NBC News poll showing significant bipartisan concern regarding Biden’s mental and physical health. Comparatively, fewer voters expressed similar concerns about former President Donald Trump.

Furthermore, Makary highlighted the humiliation inherent in witnessing a distinguished figure, such as Biden, grappling with cognitive decline in the public eye. He suggested that for the sake of Biden’s legacy, it might be prudent for him to pass on responsibilities to someone else, given the trajectory of his decline.

In sum, Makary’s assessment underscores the growing unease surrounding President Biden’s cognitive health and raises questions about his ability to fulfill his duties effectively in the years ahead.