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Cheney Endorses Who For President?

The media needs to stop giving Liz Cheney air time.

During an appearance on Pod Save America, former Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney expressed her desire for former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley (R-SC) to continue her participation in the GOP primary race up to Super Tuesday. Despite Haley’s losses in the nominating contests in Iowa and New Hampshire to former President Donald Trump, Cheney remains optimistic about her chances.

Cheney emphasized the importance of Haley remaining in the race, at least until Super Tuesday, citing the substantial percentage of Republicans in New Hampshire (over 35%) who indicated their unwillingness to vote for Donald Trump. She believes that winning independent voters will be crucial in a general election, asserting that Nikki Haley stands a better chance than Trump in this regard.

Referencing an Associated Press Votecast survey conducted among Republican primary voters from Iowa and New Hampshire, Cheney highlighted that about two-thirds of self-identified independent voters did not support Trump. She sees Haley as a candidate who can attract a broader base, particularly among independents.

Liz Cheney, a vocal critic of Trump, reiterated her commitment to challenging him, citing his alleged “attempt to seize power” on January 6, 2021, and viewing him as an existential threat. She urged Haley to stay in the fight against Trump, emphasizing the need to work towards his defeat at every step.

Nikki Haley, undeterred by her loss in New Hampshire, expressed determination in her post-primary speech, emphasizing that the race was far from over and highlighting the upcoming primary in her home state of South Carolina as the next crucial battleground.