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In Other News

As you may know, thanks to many relaxed laws in predominately blue states, thieves have become emboldened to commit brazen crimes with little fear of the law catching up to them.

Americans and hard working people in general are fed up with these ridiculous and brazen crimes happening in their local communities and are now being forced to step up and stop these criminals on their own.

Now a new video has just surfaced of a few thieves attempted to do exactly that and the people fought back.

The video has since gone viral.

According to Fox, the thieves targeted a Louis Vuitton store in the Westchester mall in New York.

A spokesperson for the mall stated, “The crime depicted in this video is unacceptable and we are fully cooperating with the White Plains Police Department in their investigation.”

Sadly, even though people fought back the thieves were relentless and did not give up making their way out with two very high-end purses.