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Trump Eliminated From 2024 Race?

Known Trump-hater and former National Security Advisor John Bolton renewed calls to eliminate former President Donald Trump from the 2024 presidential race once again.

During an interview with CNN, Bolton urged Republican leaders to make it their top focus to eliminate Trump from the 2024 election process as soon as possible. Bolton then claimed that the biggest mistake Republican candidates made in 2016 was “going after each other” instead of all of them working together to gang up on Trump first to eliminate him then fighting each other to see who can win.

Bolton’s constant attacks on Trump is absolutely insane. He has now resorted to telling Republicans to all work together in secrecy to destroy Trump which is something that is often only seen on the left.


What’s funny is that Bolton himself thinks he can somehow trick Republicans into voting for him. Trump is the clear leader in the GOP with an astounding 42% support. The only other Republican that is somewhat close to Trump is DeSantis who has 26%.

In the meantime Bolton only has 1% support.