Is GOP Now MAGA Controlled Like Republicans Claim?

Trump’s Family Backstabs Him

Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, has shed light on what she perceives as a “double standard” in how her uncle is treated amidst his legal troubles.

According to Newsweek, during his tenure as president from 2017 to 2021, Donald Trump has been confronted with numerous criminal charges and investigations. Recently, he entered a not guilty plea for 37 counts related to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) investigation, which accuses him of mishandling classified documents, including those concerning national security, at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago. Additionally, he faces charges in Manhattan for an alleged violation of the law regarding hush money payments, and multiple investigations are ongoing concerning his conduct during the 2020 presidential election.

Trump and his supporters argue that these cases reveal a “double standard” within the legal system, highlighting the fact that he faces charges in the declassified documents case while President Joe Biden, despite having classified files in his garage, has not been charged. Legal experts clarify the distinction by pointing out that Biden promptly reported the presence of the documents to authorities once discovered, whereas Trump allegedly possessed the files knowingly and exhibited less cooperation during the investigation.

Expressing her views on the “double standard” argument, Mary Trump, who has frequently criticized her uncle, took to Twitter on Friday evening. While acknowledging the existence of a double standard between Trump and other individuals facing criminal accusations, she contended that any such double standard would actually favor the former president.

In her tweet, she stated, “Republicans claim that Joe Biden actually indicted Donald himself or Jack Smith and the DoJ did. There’s a double standard, they say, and Donald is being treated unfairly. [roll eyes]. The first two are patently false; the third is half-true. There is a double standard. It’s always broken in Donald’s favor.”

Mary Trump further expressed her concerns regarding Trump’s allies leveraging the “double standard” argument to undermine the institutions necessary, albeit imperfect, for revitalizing American democracy. In a Substack blog post, she expanded on how this double standard favors Trump, remarking, “There has always been a double standard for Donald—and it has always been in his favor. Elected Republicans and his followers are reacting to the fact that, for only the second time in his life, Donald is being treated appropriately based on the crimes he’s committed. (I’m not going to bother to say allegedly—we know what he did.) And just think about how long it took us to get here.”