Can House GOP Fix Biden’s Border Crisis?

Kamala Caught Working Against Democrats

In a strange turn of events, Vice President Kamala Harris refused to answer whether or not she was going to travel down to Georgia to campaign for Democrat Raphael Warnock against his Republican opponent Herschel Walker. 

According to Fox, after being asked by reporters about her plans, Kamala replied, “I haven’t made any decision yet.”

Kamala Harris then said, “I’m basically still trying to figure out what I’m doing tomorrow.” 

Both Biden and Kamala Harris remained relatively low profile before the midterm elections and somehow, that worked out in their favor because Democrats were able to successfully fend off a red wave.

It seems like the more and more Democrats hide from the media the more their candidates end up winning. Similar to how John Fetterman campaigned to defeat Republican Mehmet Oz.

President Biden and Kamala Harris are sending former President Barack Obama to Georgia to do their bidding for them.

Republicans are using Georgia Governor Brian Kemp along with popular Republicans such as Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz to get Walker elected however it is expected to be a close race.