Democrats Blame Russia For Higher Thanksgiving Dinner Costs, Do You Agree?

Biden Ditches White House

President Biden and his family will now ditch the White House and Washington D.C. altogether and travel to Nantucket to celebrate Thanksgiving there instead.

According to Fox, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will depart from the White House on Tuesday making it the second Thanksgiving in a row that the Biden family has ditched Washington to celebrate the holiday.

President Biden’s decision to leave the White House comes just one day after he held a pardoning ceremony for two turkeys.

Biden used to pardoning ceremony to taunt Republicans where he said, “First of all, the votes are in, been counted, verified, no ballot stuffing, there’s no ‘fowl’ play. The only red wave this season is going to be if German Shepherd Commander knocks over the cranberry sauce on our table.”

“And now, based on their temperament and commitment to be productive members of society, I hereby pardon Chocolate and Chip,” Biden added. “Chocolate and Chip” were the names of the two turkeys he pardoned.