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VIDEO: Biden’s Voting Hypocrisy Exposed

President Biden was recently seen in his home state of Delaware where he was casting his early vote for the midterm elections.

Biden sparked immediate controversy when he did what the Democrats claim is very hard to do and pulled out his PHOTO ID to vote in the midterms.

According to Breitbart, Biden went to his local polling booth with his granddaughter Natalie Biden in Wilmington, Delaware.

As he was about to vote, President Biden did what the Democrats claim is very difficult and pulled out his drivers license and identified himself. Biden’s granddaughter was also able to achieve this task which Democrats claim is very hard to do for most Americans. Truly amazing.


While President Biden and his granddaughter did provide their photo ID’s to vote, in the state of Delaware it is not required.

If a voter in Delaware does not have their photo ID on them they can provide another form of identification OR they can sign an affidavit to affirm their identity.