Is Mandatory Voter ID The Only Way To Stop Illegal Voting?

Biden Loses All Control

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has delivered some very bad news to President Biden and the Democrats because he has just said the midterms are looking very bad for them.

According to Fox, Graham explained that he was very confident in the GOP winning back the House and felt considerably strong about winning the Senate as well.

Graham explained, “I think we will get 25 pickups in the House. I’m here to focus on the Senate. There are five races I’m focused on Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia. You have incumbent Democrats where the races are tied. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, the whole two incumbent seats.”

Graham then added, “I think we can be at 52 or 53 in the Senate. I think we’re going to take the House. We stop all the crazy crap. The first bill should be to secure the border. Go after fentanyl, The second bill that we should make people vote on is finding oil and gas that we own. So we’re energy-independent from people who hate our guts. If we have both parties, we can set the agenda for 2024.”

Republican have big plans to hold the Democrats accountable for a number of major injustices they have committed against Republicans and the American people in general.

The only question now is will the voters give them the votes they need to win both the House and Senate? We will see on November 8th!