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Trump Gets The Bad News

It has just been learned that Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon has dismissed Donald Trump’s lawsuit which challenges the Biden’s DOJ and FBI raid which seized documents from his Mar-a-Lago home.

According to NBC, the decision from Judge Cannon comes after Trump failed to appeal to a higher court that ruled against the appointment of a special master to review all of the documents which were seized from Mar-a-Lago.

Judge Aileen Cannon ruled that Trump’s case against Biden’s DOJ and FBI lacked jurisdiction and dismissed it in a single-page letter.

On December 1st a three-judge panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit condemned Judge Cannon for appointing a special master in the first place.

“The law is clear. We cannot write a rule that allows any subject of a search warrant to block government investigations after the execution of the warrant. Nor can we write a rule that allows only former presidents to do so,” the judges wrote.

What’s funny about all of this is that whenever lawsuits are issued by Democrats no matter how meaningless or foolish they are, they always get argued before a judge or jury. Sadly however when a Republican, such as Donald Trump, issues a lawsuit they always end up getting dismissed for lack of jurisdiction of something similar. It’s interesting to see how the American justice system works.