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Trump Leaves Pelosi Shaking In Her Boots

Nancy Pelosi, the former House Speaker, has chosen not to comment publicly following the release of Special Counsel John Durham’s report, which revealed significant errors made by the Department of Justice and FBI during the initiation of the Trump-Russia investigation.

Despite multiple requests for comment from Fox News Digital regarding Nancy Pelosi’s response to the findings of John Durham’s report, which stated that “the Department and the FBI failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law” during the inception of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, there has been no response from Pelosi’s office as of yet.

According to Fox, in addition to not responding to requests for comment regarding the Durham report, Nancy Pelosi’s office has also chosen not to address inquiries about whether she would reconsider or retract any of her previous insinuations concerning alleged collusion between Trump and Russia, as well as any suggestions of the 2016 election being illegitimate.

In July 2017, Nancy Pelosi made a statement in response to the news about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower in 2016. She stated, “This week we saw cold hard evidence of the Trump campaign, indeed the Trump family, eagerly intending to collude, possibly, with Russia, a hostile foreign power, to influence American elections.” It is worth noting that the subsequent Mueller investigation did not file charges in relation to that specific meeting.

Nancy Pelosi additionally urged then-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to create a commission with the objective of thoroughly investigating the Trump campaign’s alleged involvement in Russia’s interference with the American democratic process.

“Our election was hijacked,” Pelosi wrote in the same year.

It’s interesting to see Pelosi be in hiding over the latest report from John Durham. Many Americans are starting to believe that a lot of dirty work was going on behind the scenes. Hopefully justice truly gets served one day and Donald Trump’s name is finally cleared.