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Democrats Target DeSantis

It has just been learned that three immigrant rights groups based out of Florida have decided to sue Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his decision to fly illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard in September.

According to The Hill, the three group which are suing DeSantis are the Florida Immigrant Coalition, Americans for Immigrant Justice and Hope CommUnity Center. These three groups have filed not only sued DeSantis but they are also suing Florida Transportation Secretary Jared Perdue as well.

In their lawsuit filing the three groups claimed that DeSantis and the state of Florida was “infringing upon the federal government’s immigration system by creating a separate, parallel immigration system.”

The groups are now asking the court to strike down Florida’s 2022 appropriations act which has devoted $12 million to transporting “unauthorized aliens” out of Florida.

The lawsuit also claims that DeSantis’ decision to transport the migrants was entirely unconstitutional.

The group also alleged that Governor DeSantis violated that 14th Amendment by “targeting people of color born primarily in Latin American and Caribbean countries to determine their immigration status.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that while the three groups which sued DeSantis were immigrant rights groups, Democrats are behind this attack on DeSantis and the mainstream media will do their part in trying to make this issue much bigger than what it is.