Are Democrats Scared To Face Trump In A Presidential Debate?

Biden Disrespects Dead U.S. Solider

Biden can’t blame his old age on this.

Christy Shamblin, a Gold Star mother who lost her daughter-in-law Marine Sgt. Nicole Gee in the tragic terrorist attack in Afghanistan, shared her disappointment with a CNN anchor when she revealed that President Biden had not reached out to her or her family despite their attempts to connect.

In response to a question about Biden’s role as a “consoler-in-chief,” Shamblin expressed that her family had not experienced any consolation from the President. Despite the anchor’s mention of Biden’s own experiences with loss, Shamblin confirmed that they had not received any communication from him or the White House, despite their efforts to reach out for understanding and support.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee reported that Nicole Gee was 1 of 13 American service people who died in the ISIS-K terror attack at Abbey Gate during the chaotic evacuation from Afghanistan in August 2021 under the Biden administration.

Texas Representative Michael McCaul, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, emphasized the need for the Biden administration to take responsibility for the families affected by the Afghanistan withdrawal. McCaul stated that even after more than two years, the administration has failed to be accountable for the tragedy, stressing the importance of a thorough investigation and accountability.

Shamblin, invited by McCaul as one of his guests at the State of the Union address, expressed her expectations from Biden’s speech, highlighting the need for strengthening the armed forces, addressing their questions, and leading a thorough investigation as promised.

Behind closed doors, Biden remains convinced that his decisions regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal were the right ones, according to revelations from a new book. Despite widespread global backlash following the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan, Biden stands by his decision to end the 20-year-long war, confident that history will view it favorably.

Biden’s decision to withdraw troops faced criticism after the Taliban’s resurgence, despite his earlier assurance to Americans that such an outcome was unlikely.