Democrats Say Trump Only Ran For President To Make Money, You Agree?

Obama’s Ugly Fight With Biden

Biden is refusing to obey Obama.

Several former aides of ex-President Obama are expressing reservations about President Biden’s 2024 election strategies, according to a report by Politico. Drawing on their experiences from the 2012 election, these former Obama staff members have highlighted differences between the two campaigns. Some have openly expressed concerns about the perceived weaker ground game of Biden’s team compared to the robust infrastructure Obama had in 2011.

An anonymous Democrat, quoted by Politico, voiced a sentiment that the Biden campaign seemed disorganized, lacking essential infrastructure in states and a sufficiently fortified campaign headquarters. A former 2012 state director echoed this concern, pointing out that Biden had never led an organization before, facing challenges both in the Democratic primary and the general election during the COVID pandemic.

Suggestions have been made to enhance Biden’s campaign team by incorporating White House advisers to improve organizational efficiency. David Axelrod, Obama’s former chief strategist, emphasized the wealth of experience within the White House that could benefit the campaign.

However, not everyone shares the same level of concern about Biden’s campaign organization this far ahead of the election. Jim Messina, Obama’s re-election campaign manager, argued that the average swing voter pays minimal attention to politics until the months leading up to November. He commended the current strategy of activating the base and effectively delivering the campaign message.

Responding to the critiques, Biden’s spokesperson Kevin Munoz invited concerned individuals to focus their energy on organizing, donating, and discussing the election’s stakes, emphasizing Biden’s commitment to combating perceived threats from Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans.

These comments align with a recent Washington Post report, suggesting that Obama has raised questions about the structure of Biden’s re-election campaign. The report indicates Obama’s belief that the campaign should have the autonomy to make decisions without constant approval from the White House.