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Biden Caught Taking Money From Who?

This discovery has raised some eyebrows.

President Joe Biden received substantial financial support from staffers of influential left-leaning climate activist organizations, which later exerted pressure on the U.S. government to halt new approvals for liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals, according to records.

In recent years, prominent figures such as the Rockefellers and former Democratic New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, through their philanthropic endeavors, contributed significant funds to various nonprofit groups involved in an extensive campaign against LNG. This effort played a role in influencing the Biden administration’s decision to pause LNG exports in January, a move that has raised concerns among policy experts and lawmakers about its potential to empower foreign adversaries like Russia.

Documents filed with the Federal Election Commission reveal that top employees of several organizations involved in the anti-LNG campaign made substantial contributions to Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020, with additional donations supporting his reelection bid in 2024.

The revelation that these activists also acted as donors to Biden’s campaigns may lead to increased calls from Republicans for investigations into both the administration’s LNG export pause and its connections to green energy groups. Additionally, there are indications that individuals with ties to the climate pressure groups have been hired or nominated for positions within the White House.

The pause on LNG exports has faced criticism from experts who argue that it undermines American jobs and energy security without significant environmental benefits. Brenda Shaffer, an energy expert, pointed out that the focus on natural gas overlooks other significant sources of methane emissions, such as agriculture, particularly rice cultivation, where China leads globally.

The timing of Biden’s decision to pause LNG exports has raised eyebrows, especially given the heightened tensions in the Middle East following attacks on Israel by Hamas, a group supported by major LNG exporter Qatar. As the largest oil and gas producer globally and the leading exporter of LNG in 2023, the United States’ decision to halt LNG exports could have significant geopolitical implications, potentially benefiting countries like Russia, which also exports LNG.

Behind the scenes, left-leaning activists, backed by influential donors like the Rockefellers and Bloomberg Philanthropies, have been instrumental in shaping the narrative against LNG. The Funder Collaborative on Oil and Gas, funded by these organizations, has actively worked to challenge the LNG industry, providing financial support to allies and coordinating efforts to oppose LNG exports.

Individuals associated with Rockefeller Family Fund, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and other groups have contributed substantial sums to Biden’s campaigns. The hiring of personnel with ties to these organizations within the Biden administration further underscores the influence of these groups on policymaking decisions.

Despite criticisms and concerns raised by experts, the Biden administration has not commented directly on the LNG pause, deflecting inquiries to the Department of Energy, which has remained silent on the matter.

Overall, the intertwining of financial support, activism, and policymaking highlights the complex dynamics at play in shaping energy policies and underscores the need for transparency and accountability in decision-making processes.