Democrats Say Trump Has Dementia, You Agree?

Liz Cheney Demands GOP Governor’s Impeachment

Cheney hates the Republican party.

Former Republican Representative Liz Cheney expressed concern about the fitness of GOP Senator J.D. Vance for office, citing his recent comments on the Supreme Court and potential “illegitimate rulings.”

Vance faced scrutiny following an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, where he revisited previous remarks suggesting that President Donald Trump should have replaced midlevel bureaucrats with individuals aligned with the administration. When questioned about defying the Supreme Court, Vance stated that if the Court made an “illegitimate ruling” preventing the president from firing a general, he believed the president should have the constitutional prerogative to run the military as deemed fit.

Cheney, who lost her primary race in 2022 to Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman, criticized Vance’s stance on Twitter, highlighting his willingness to support actions that she deemed tyrannical. She stated that both Trump and Vance were unfit for service, emphasizing the severity of Vance’s admission.

In response, Vance’s spokesman declined to comment, and Donald Trump Jr. defended Vance while reminding Cheney of her significant defeat in the Wyoming primary.

Cheney’s political standing within the House Republican caucus declined after she opposed Trump following the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot. She voted to impeach Trump and participated in the House select committee investigating the riot, resulting in her removal from House Republican leadership.

In 2022, Cheney endorsed Vance’s Democratic opponent, Tim Ryan, who ultimately lost. Despite initial skepticism from Vance’s spokesperson, Vance secured victory and has become a prominent conservative voice in the Senate, standing by his controversial remarks on executive authority and the Supreme Court.