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2024 Candidate Says Trump Hurt His Feelings

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican presidential candidate, expressed his views this week on the taunts made by former President Trump regarding his last name, deeming them as “petty” and “juvenile.”

In an interview with Jack Heath on “The Pulse of New Hampshire,” Governor Ron DeSantis conveyed his perspective on the matter, stating, “I think it’s so petty. I think it’s so juvenile. I don’t think that’s what voters want.”

According to The Hill, former President Trump took aim at Governor Ron DeSantis by mocking the pronunciation of his last name and labeling him as “Ron DeSanctimonious,” a nickname that the former president has often used to refer to the Florida governor.

Governor Ron DeSantis attributed part of the reason for former President Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential election to his behavior, indicating that Trump’s actions played a role in the election outcome.

DeSantis went on to say, “Honestly, I think that his conduct, which he’s been doing for years now, I think that’s one of the reasons he’s not in the White House now because I think he alienated too many voters for things that really don’t matter. So I don’t get into the gutter on any of that.”

Governor Ron DeSantis acknowledged that there exist “substantive differences” between himself and the former president. However, he also expressed his belief that Trump had accomplished significant achievements, stating that Trump “did a lot of great things.”