Did Democrats Lie About Jan 6?

GOP Calls For Immediate Resignation Of Who?

The Republican National Committee is now calling for the immediately resignation of none other than President Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for his utter failures and irresponsibilities.

According to Newsmax, The RNC targeted Buttigieg on Twitter and wrote “Pete Buttigieg should resign.”

One of the biggest problems so far is that critics have accused Buttigieg of not responding promptly to a train derailment that occurred last month in East Palestine, Ohio, which resulted in the release of toxic chemicals.

In addition, Buttigieg faced criticism for the chaotic holiday travel disruptions that occurred with Southwest Airlines, causing thousands of people to be stranded. Republicans are also calling for his removal for the problems that arose with the Federal Aviation Administration, resulting in the grounding of flights for two hours – a first in more than two decades.

Pete Buttigieg’s job is to be America’s Transportation Secretary and he clearly doesn’t know a thing about transportation.

After Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, called for Buttigieg’s immediate resignation following the Ohio train derailment on February 3rd, the Republican National Committee also demanded his resignation.

Rubio held nothing back and said Pete Buttigieg “downplayed crisis after crisis while prioritizing topics of little relevance to our nation’s transportation system … he continues to deflect any accountability for the safety of our nation’s rail system. This is part of a two-year-long pattern.”

Even Republican clown Mitt Romney has condemned Buttigieg and has said that he is “not ready” to hold the responsibilities that President Biden has given him.