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Trump Treated Worse Than A Criminal

After entering a plea of not guilty to federal charges resulting from a special counsel investigation on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump left Florida and headed to New Jersey for a fundraiser dedicated to his 2024 campaign.

According to Fox, in the downtown Miami courtroom, former President Donald Trump entered a plea of not guilty to all 37 federal charges. These charges allege his mishandling of classified documents following his departure from office, specifically pertaining to his actions at the Mar-a-Lago estate.

Expressing gratitude for the enthusiastic reception, former President Donald Trump extended his thanks to his supporters for the “warm welcome” he received following his plea of not guilty to federal charges in a Miami courtroom.

“Thank you Miami. Such a warm welcome on such a SAD DAY for our Country!” Trump then wrote on Truth Social.

Former President Donald Trump and Special Counsel Jack Smith found themselves in the same room as Trump entered a plea of not guilty to charges directly resulting from Smith’s investigation.

During the proceedings of the day, no apparent eye contact was observed between former President Donald Trump and Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Throughout the proceedings, former President Donald Trump was often seen sitting with his arms folded, engaging in occasional conversations with his lawyers. However, Trump himself did not speak, and Magistrate Judge Goodman did not directly address him during the proceedings.

According to a spokesperson from the U.S. Marshals Service, it is not expected that a mugshot will be taken when former President Donald Trump surrenders to federal authorities in Miami. The reason for this decision is that there are already sufficient photos of him in the system.

As part of the booking process, former President Donald Trump will undergo digital fingerprinting and provide his birthdate and Social Security number to the authorities. While he may not have a mugshot taken, these standard identification procedures will be carried out.