Are Democrats Desperate To Get Dirt On Trump?

Biden Tries To Trick Voters

Voters just don’t like Biden plain and simple.

The latest television commercial released by the Biden campaign on Friday targets Hispanic voters who may be supporting Trump, leveraging past statements made by Donald Trump in an effort to regain support from this demographic. Entitled “Change,” the 30-second ad features Biden himself narrating, highlighting Trump’s previous remarks branding immigrants as “rapists” and more recently accusing them of “poisoning the blood” of the nation.

In the ad, Biden directly contrasts his vision with Trump’s divisive rhetoric, emphasizing the strength derived from America’s diversity. The campaign plans to air the ad in both English and Spanish across digital platforms in crucial swing states such as Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and notably, Florida, where Trump holds a lead according to recent polls.

Maca Casado, the Hispanic Media Director for Biden’s reelection campaign, condemned Trump’s words and actions as “anti-Latino, anti-immigrant, and anti-American,” underscoring Biden’s commitment to embracing diversity as a fundamental asset of the nation.

Despite Biden’s efforts to appeal to Hispanic voters, recent polls indicate a decline in his support within this demographic compared to the 2020 election. Trump, in contrast, has seen some gains, with a notable lead in certain polls among Hispanic voters.

Trump’s campaign, however, remains confident in his appeal to Hispanic voters, citing his purportedly favorable relationship with the community. Yet, the Biden campaign continues to deploy targeted advertisements like “Change” to counteract Trump’s messaging and solidify support among Hispanic voters.

This ad release follows a strategic move by the Biden campaign to allocate $30 million towards targeted outreach efforts aimed at various demographic groups, including Latino voters, following his State of the Union address.

In response to Biden’s efforts, the Trump campaign’s press secretary, Karoline Leavitt, dismissed Biden’s appeal to Hispanic voters, asserting that key Democratic constituencies, including African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and women, are turning to Trump due to dissatisfaction with Biden’s policies and leadership.