Have Democrats Broken America's Justice System?

Pelosi Caught In This Illegal Act

In yet another historic stock trade that not even some of the greatest investors such as Warren Buffett could have predicted, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to sell her Google stocks just one month before the DOJ and eight states decided to sue Google.

This decision by Pelosi to sell her Google stocks has caused many people to wonder if she knew that a massive antitrust lawsuit was going to hit the tech giant.

According to Newsweek, DOJ recently announced that they were going to sue Google for a “wide swath” of online advertising tools and corrupting “legitimate competition in the ad tech industry”.

It’s funny how Pelosi magically knew about all of this and was able to sell her shares just in time before she lost millions of dollars.

Pelosi sold more than $3 million of Google shares exactly four weeks before the lawsuit was issued.


Former Republican congressional candidate Robby Starbuck said, “I’m sure it’s just one big coincidence that Pelosi sold millions in stock right before the DOJ filed its antitrust lawsuit.”

“You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder how Nancy Pelosi knew to sell off $3 million of her Google stock 4 WEEKS before the DOJ opened their tech monopoly lawsuit against them,” said Republican James Bradley.

It’s interesting to see how someone like Pelosi can blatantly trade stocks with insider information yet somehow manages to not see a single day in jail for it.

Is America corrupt? You be the judge.