Should Congress Start Daily With Prayer And Pledge Of Allegiance Like GOP Wants?

Crazy Biden Mocks Trump

Even though President Biden has not officially announced that he will run again in 2024, it has not stopped him from ruthlessly attacking former President Donald Trump.

According to The Hill, ever since the midterm elections President Biden has been taking jabs at Trump and the Republican party as a whole.

Democratic strategist Joel Payne explained, “It feels like one of the takeaways from the midterms is that creating a binary choice between he and Trump is beneficial for President Biden. It appears that the White House is going to continue to be bullish whenever Trump creates an opportunity for contrast.”

Payne added, “I think any White House is going to become more proactive as they gear up for reelection. Feels like it’s on schedule for this White House to adjust.” 

President Biden even mocked Trump and the GOP just before Thanksgiving when he was pardoning turkey’s he said, “There’s no ballot stuffing, there’s no ‘fowl’ play. The only ‘red wave’ this season is going to be if our German shepherd Commander knocks over the cranberry sauce on our table.”  

Biden and the Democrats have even gone as far as calling on all congressional Republicans “extreme” lawmakers.

Biden also has vowed to do everything in his power to make sure Trump doesn’t win again in 2024. “We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power … if does run,” Biden stated. “I’m making sure he — under legitimate efforts of our Constitution — does not become the next president again.”