Do You Care About Trump's Taxes?

Republican Party Declares War

As you know, the crooked and corrupt Democrats decided to break all form of civility and released former President Donald Trump’s tax returns from the last 6 years.

The tax returns themselves didn’t really change anything nor did they reveal any bombshell information about Donald Trump.

However, now Republican lawmakers are sounding off against the Democrats for their wildly unconstitutional and despicable move to hurt Donald Trump.

According to the Washington Examiner, Republicans called out the Democrats and said that releasing Trump’s personal tax information served “no legitimate legislative purpose”.

Republican Rep. Kevin Brady stated, “With the publicly released transcript of Democrats’ secret executive session, Americans now have confirmation that there was never a legislative purpose behind the public release of these confidential records and that the IRS was conducting audits prior to Democrats’ request. Despite these facts, Democrats have charged forward with an unprecedented decision to unleash a dangerous new political weapon that reaches far beyond the former president, overturning decades of privacy protections for average Americans that have existed since Watergate.”

“Going forward, all future Chairs of both the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee will have nearly unlimited power to target and make public the tax returns of private citizens, political enemies, business and labor leaders or even the Supreme Court justices themselves,” Rep. Brady added.

Other Republicans stated that the release of Trump’s taxes was nothing more than just a political “hit job.”

Democrat Richard Neal attempted to justify the release of Trump’s private information and said, “A president is no ordinary taxpayer. They hold power and influence unlike any other American. And with great power comes even greater responsibility.”

The release of Trump’s personal taxes was downright moronic behavior. The Democrats worked for years to release Trump’s private information and now that they have, nothing has come out of it. Trump has called the Democrats deranged in the past and now Americans can see that he was right.