How Do You Rate Biden's State of The Union Address?

McCarthy Gives Biden A Reality Check

President Biden recently gave his State of the Union address and he used it to do nothing more than attack Republicans on a number of key issues.

What’s even worse is that Republicans did not get a chance to defend themselves and had to resort to booing President Biden.

It’s important to remember that when he was campaigning for the presidency in 2020, Biden vowed to be a leader who brought unity between both parties however he has proven himself to be nothing more than a liar and manipulator.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy didn’t let President Biden get away with his senseless attack on Republicans and decided to give Biden a reality check about what he and the Democrats are really doing.

McCarthy slammed Biden for falsely accusing Republicans of wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare.

In transcript provided by Fox, Speaker McCarthy explained, “The president was trying to goad the members and the members are passionate about it. But the one thing the president was saying is something that he knew was not true. I just spent an hour with him. I’ve said it many times before. Social Security and Medicare are off the table. He tries to use it for a political ploy. But the one thing we need to be is we need to be smart.”

Adding, “He’s trying to play politics with the debt ceiling by not negotiating, by lying about our position. I want to be responsible. I want to be sensible. I want to sit down and work through this problem. Because look, the Democrats raised the highest debt ceiling ever and they blew through it in the shortest amount of time and now they want to come right back to it. We need to be smart. Don’t take the bait. Stay with the American public about what we want to do, curb this runaway spending that the president has been spending so much.”