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Fox News Sabotages Trump

It appears that former President Donald Trump and Fox News’ relationship has began to crumble and the former president even believes that they are working to destroy him.

According to Newsweek, Trump explained that he believed Fox News was constantly looking for polling data that makes him “look as bad as possible” as he is gearing up for his 3rd presidential bid.

“I’m ‘killing’ everybody in the Polls, but FoxNews always is able to find an outlier, usually old and non-credible, that makes me look as bad as possible,” Trump complained on Truth Social.

What Fox refuses to reveal is that Trump is currently leading Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in some of the most reliable polls in the country.

Additionally, Fox News continues to show polling data which either puts Trump and DeSantis neck-and-neck or they even show data which shows that DeSantis is ahead of Trump.

Just last week, Fox News provided polling data which was conducted by the University of New Hampshire which shows DeSantis with an astounding 12 point lead over Donald Trump. DeSantis had 42% of the vote while Trump only had 30%.

Fox News showed that data but then went on to assert that Trump “remains the most influential politician and powerful fundraiser in the Republican Party,” which can be argued is nothing more than media manipulation tactics.

Trump has also condemned Fox for working “loser’s like Karl Rove, and their Board Member, Paul Ryan — Globalist’s All!”

Fox News is playing a very risk game with their viewer base. If Trump earns the 2024 GOP nomination you better believe Trump won’t have very many kind words to say about the Fox News group.