Will Biden's State Of The Union Speech Be A Total Joke?

Top Republican Refuses To Endorse Trump

We need to vote these RINOs out of congress.

Senator Susan Collins of Maine refrained from endorsing any candidate in the 2024 presidential election following Nikki Haley’s withdrawal from the race on Wednesday.

Haley decided to suspend her campaign after experiencing a defeat in 11 out of 12 races, with only Vermont’s GOP presidential primary victory on Super Tuesday. This setback ultimately led her to step back from the competition against former President Donald Trump.

Expressing her disappointment, Collins, who had previously voiced her support for Haley, shared with The Independent on Wednesday her wish that Haley had continued her campaign. Notably, Collins refrained from endorsing either Trump or President Joe Biden.

In earlier statements, Collins had commended Haley’s qualifications, describing her as “extremely well-qualified to serve as our first female president.” She highlighted Haley’s energy, intellect, and temperament, emphasizing their importance in leading the country, particularly during turbulent times.

Acknowledging Trump’s likely nomination as the Republican candidate at the party convention in July, Haley, in her concession speech, extended congratulations to him and expressed her best wishes. However, she stopped short of endorsing him, instead urging Trump to earn the support of those within and beyond the party who did not previously support him.

She emphasized the significance of inclusivity in politics, stating that it’s about rallying people to one’s cause rather than alienating them. Haley urged Trump to seize the moment, recognizing it as a pivotal time for him to make choices that could shape the future direction of the conservative movement.