66% Says Biden Winning In 2024 Would Be A Disaster, You Agree?

Trump’s First Plan If Re-Elected

In his Memorial Day weekend address, former President Donald Trump voiced his disapproval of President Joe Biden’s economic policies, referring to them as “reckless.” He also made a commitment that if he emerges victorious in the 2024 election against Biden, Americans can anticipate big changes in the future.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, Trump said in a newly released video, “As you gather with family and friends this weekend, everything is more expensive, a lot more expensive actually, because of Joe Biden’s reckless policies that have caused soaring energy costs and currency inflation like our country hasn’t seen for over 50 years.”

According to Trump, since President Biden assumed office, gas prices have surged by 48%. Additionally, he stated that food prices have experienced an 18% increase, while airline prices have escalated by 41%.

Trump went on to say, “Taxes are higher than ever. Rates for mortgages and car loans have put the American dream out of reach for countless millions of families.”

Trump criticized Biden’s economy, highlighting that “real wages have consistently declined for 25 consecutive months,” constituting the longest recorded streak. He further emphasized that the average American family has suffered a loss of nearly $7,000 in annual purchasing power due to what he perceives as a failed presidency under Joe Biden.

“You could take the worst five presidents in history, and they haven’t done the damage that Joe Biden has done,” Trump explained.

Trump made a pledge to initiate the reversal of what he deemed as the “disastrous effects” of Biden’s inflation on his first day back in the White House. He expressed his intention to rebuild what he referred to as the greatest economy in history, highlighting that it was the state of the economy during his previous tenure as President.

In addition, Trump stated his plans to unleash energy independence and promptly terminate what he referred to as “Biden’s foolish war on American energy.”