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VIDEO: Democrats To Remove Statue Of Liberty?

These people continue to humiliate themselves in an attempt to look smart.

Democratic Representative Maxwell Frost from Florida faced social media mockery on Wednesday after urging Republicans to pass a bill removing the Statue of Liberty alongside what he deemed a “bigoted” immigration law.

The discussion unfolded during a House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing on immigration, focusing on H.R.2, the House GOP’s Secure the Border Act. This comprehensive border security and immigration bill, passed in May, aims to tighten asylum processes and resume border wall construction.

Frost, a freshman congressman, criticized the bill along with other Democrats but went a step further by presenting a mock bill to remove the Statue of Liberty, a symbol he argued contradicts the Republicans’ stance. Holding up the draft, Frost stated, “If you keep pushing your bigoted H.R. 2 bill, then also pass this bill. I’ve taken the liberty of drafting it for you.”

He accused Republicans of removing the essence of America by supporting H.R.2 and questioned which Republican, backing the bill, would introduce his proposed Statue of Liberty removal bill. Social media reactions were swift, with critics dismissing Frost’s linkage of immigration reform to the Statue of Liberty as absurd.

The Telegraph contributor Nile Gardiner called it “ridiculous,” and Fox News contributor Guy Benson deemed it “stupid.” Various commentators highlighted the irony in Democrats equating the Statue of Liberty with immigration law, while others criticized Frost for oversimplifying a complex issue.

Despite Frost’s attack on Republicans, it’s worth noting that 14 Democratic lawmakers joined GOP members to condemn President Biden’s border policies, emphasizing divisions within the Democratic party on immigration issues.