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Speaker Johnson Backstabs Trump?

There is clearly something strange going on within the House GOP and Speaker Johnson is not being clear with the American people.

During a press conference at the House GOP retreat in West Virginia, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) remained hesitant when questioned about the possibility of initiating a vote on articles of impeachment against President Biden. The reluctance to commit reflects the ongoing challenge for Republicans in uncovering decisive evidence in their extended investigation of the president.

When pressed about the potential for impeachment proceedings during the current Congress, Johnson refrained from offering a definitive answer. He emphasized the need for lawmakers to gather additional information before reaching a decision on a floor vote, stating that the impeachment inquiry and accompanying investigations would persist. Johnson asserted that certain requested information had not yet been provided, underscoring the continued efforts of House committees to pursue these leads.

In a subsequent discussion with New York Post reporter Josh Christenson at the retreat, Johnson reiterated the importance of completing the investigative process before making any determinations. He highlighted the significance of evaluating the collected information as a collective body and leadership team once all pertinent details had been acquired.

When questioned further about the perceived gaps in the probe, Johnson criticized the testimonies of Hunter Biden and James Biden, alleging that they provided misleading information during their closed-door depositions. Despite their assertions that the president was not involved in their business dealings, Johnson contended that their testimonies lacked credibility, citing discrepancies with bank records and whistleblower accounts.

The GOP’s multifaceted impeachment inquiry into Biden has endured for several months without yielding substantial evidence of wrongdoing. While Republican investigators have focused extensively on the international business ventures of Hunter Biden, they have yet to substantiate allegations of corruption or undue influence on the part of the president.

Recent closed-door testimonies from Hunter and James Biden failed to provide the conclusive evidence sought by Republicans, casting doubts on the viability of their allegations. Nevertheless, Republicans remain steadfast in their commitment to pursuing the investigation, with the House Oversight and Accountability Committee scheduled to convene a hearing titled “Influence Peddling: Examining Joe Biden’s Abuse of Public Office” in the upcoming week.

Johnson has consistently defended the deliberate pace of the impeachment inquiry, emphasizing the necessity for a thorough and methodical approach in adherence to constitutional principles. While acknowledging his own limited involvement in scrutinizing the gathered evidence due to other responsibilities, Johnson maintained confidence in the integrity of the investigative process.