Biden Vowed To Unify America, Has He?

Trump’s Shocking Border Warning

Things are worse than anyone could have expected.

In a recent interview with West Michigan Live with Justin Barclay, former President Donald Trump leveled accusations against several countries, including Venezuela, alleging that they are unloading their incarcerated and mentally unstable individuals onto the United States. Addressing the issue of “Biden migrant crime,” Trump, the presumptive 2024 GOP presidential nominee, pledged to orchestrate what he termed as the “largest deportation in history” if he returns to the White House in November.

Expressing concern over the influx of individuals from various backgrounds, Trump highlighted the purported surge of criminals, including terrorists, into the United States, emphasizing that such levels of migration are unprecedented. According to Trump, countries like Venezuela have purportedly managed to resolve their internal gang issues by exporting these elements to the U.S., effectively clearing their own territories of such criminal networks.

Trump asserted that if he were in a position of authority, he would adopt similar measures, claiming that nations worldwide are following suit by emptying their prisons and mental institutions and channeling these individuals into the United States. He criticized the Biden administration’s handling of immigration, labeling it as ineffective and asserting that it exacerbates the crime rate.

Drawing attention to a recent tragic incident involving the murder of Ruby Garcia, allegedly by her undocumented immigrant boyfriend who had been previously deported during Trump’s presidency, the former president underscored the need for stricter immigration policies.

Scheduled to deliver a campaign speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump is expected to focus on immigration issues, particularly criticizing President Joe Biden’s southern border policies. Responding to Trump’s upcoming visit, Alyssa Bradley, Michigan communications director for Biden’s campaign, criticized Trump’s approach, accusing him of resorting to divisive tactics rather than addressing substantive issues important to Michiganders.