Is Biden Wrong To Mock Tucker Carlson?

Liberal Media Defends Trump, Dems Speechless

Liberals lost it when an expert, speaking to The Wall Street Journal, highlighted the clear conflict of interest in the judge assigned to the case involving former President Donald Trump’s business records in Manhattan.

According to Newsmax, Trump, who has recently become more critical of the News Corp-owned newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, surprisingly gave rare praise to the report.

Trump took to social media and wrote, “This article, as written in The Wall Street Journal, is a truthful and very important one. The whole New York Judicial System is rigged against me, and everyone knows it.

Trump went on to write, “It’s a disgrace, and not only this judge, there are others that are just as bad or, believe it or not, worse! It’s all a political witch-hunt, in coordination with heavy handed, dishonest, and highly partisan prosecutors, working in conjunction with D.C. ‘Justice,’ the likes of which our country has never seen before!”

Former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Christopher Brennan’s comments on the assignment of New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan to multiple cases involving Trump were echoed by Trump, who has criticized Merchan for being potentially biased against him. Trump’s remarks followed Brennan’s assertion that the assignment was a conflict of interest.

Brennan explained, “There was not a random selection of a judge in this case, and there should have been. He actually should be the last person selected, given the potential conflict.”

Furthermore, Brennan noted that the choice of Judge Merchan “raises doubts about his impartiality” in the ongoing case against Trump.

Sources informed the Journal that Justice Merchan was selected by administrative Judge Ellen Biben in late 2020 based on his experience presiding over similar cases.

According to sources cited by the Journal, Judge Ellen Biben has previously used a random selection process to assign judges to grand juries. However, in the case of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s grand jury investigation into Trump, Judge Merchan was not randomly assigned.

Trump has previously accused Justice Merchan of harboring anti-Trump bias and animus, even before Trump was indicted on 34 charges of falsifying business records.

Sadly for Donald Trump, the system looks more rigged than ever. This is not how the American justice system works and Trump is being thrown to the Democrat wolves. Hopefully House Republicans do something before it’s too late.