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Pelosi Hurls New Attack At Republicans

Following President Biden’s divisive State of the Union address, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to once again attack Republicans however in a very strange new way.

Pelosi explained that while she does believe America needs a “strong” Republican Party, she does not think that the current Republican Party is that.

According to The Hill, Pelosi told MSNBC reporters, “It’s not our judgment about what it should be — it’s their judgment — but it’s a missed opportunity for America.”

Pelosi then pointed to how it took 15 votes to get Kevin McCarthy nominated as the new House Speaker and said it should have never taken that long to do so.

She also condemned Republicans for booing President Biden during his SOTU speech where he falsely accused Republicans are trying to destroy Social Security and Medicare for senior citizens.

What Pelosi seems to forget is that the Republicans weren’t booing Biden for no reason. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy even came out and defended his party and said they were “passionate” about many issues that Biden lied about. McCarthy accused Biden of “trying to goad” them.