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Fox News Threatens Trump’s 2024 Run

In an exclusive interview with The National Pulse, the Republican front-runner and former President, Donald Trump, shared his perspective on Rupert Murdoch’s recent decision to step down from Fox News. Trump suggested a connection between Murdoch’s departure and the media outlet’s support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in an attempt to undermine Trump’s potential candidacy in the 2024 presidential election.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, Trump stated, “They threw their weight behind DeSanctimonious, but he’s not a person of remarkable talent. It’s evident; he lacks the necessary abilities.” These remarks were part of a preview of the full interview, which is scheduled to air on TNP this Tuesday.

Following the interview’s publication, Trump took to Truth Social to clarify that he did not believe he was responsible for Murdoch’s retirement. With Rupert Murdoch leaving, his son Lachlan is set to assume the role of the sole chair of News Corp while continuing to serve as the chair and CEO of Fox.

When asked about Murdoch’s apparent hostility towards him, Trump speculated, “They pick their opponents — perhaps it’s the globalists — who knows why? There’s an overhang that you just feel, there’s something missing.”

Trump further noted that he had respected Roger Ailes, who was a close friend and former chair and CEO of Fox News. Ailes was widely recognized for transforming Fox News into a media powerhouse until his resignation in July 2016, shortly before his passing in May 2017.