Does Biden Need To Step Down In 2024?

Trump Reveals Dark Truth About Border

On Wednesday, ex-President Donald Trump expressed his disbelief at the decision made by President Joe Biden to allow the termination of Title 42, a policy initiated during Trump’s presidency which aimed to deport undocumented immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump referred to this move as “absolute lunacy”. The policy is set to expire on May 11th, coinciding with the end of the national COVID-19 public health emergency.

According to Newsmax, Trump recently posted a video on his Truth Social account in which he expressed his concern over the potential consequences of allowing Title 42 to expire. He predicted that this decision would result in “complete and total mayhem and utter lawlessness”, and claimed that tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants are currently waiting on the Mexican side of the border, ready to enter the U.S. in large numbers once the policy is no longer in effect.

Trump then said, “They’re getting ready to storm across the moment Title 42, which is so important, is officially gone. Can you believe they’re getting rid of it? And when that happens, countless more will charge in from all over the world.”

The former president added, “It’s absolute lunacy. It will be a mass resettlement of millions and millions of illegal aliens into your communities; and the invasion will be aided, abetted and facilitated by the Biden administration. Every step of the way, every path they take will be made easier by Biden.”

According to various sources, Donald Trump is currently considered the frontrunner to win the Republican Party’s presidential nomination in 2024, potentially setting up a rematch against President Biden, who defeated Trump in a contentious 2020 election. Trump’s previous campaign in 2016, during which he emphasized the fight against illegal immigration, was a key factor in his victory over Hillary Clinton.

Trump has called for Congress to defund President Biden’s immigration policy of catch and release, which allows undocumented migrants to stay in the U.S. until their immigration court hearing takes place. The Republican-led House is currently drafting a bill aimed at strengthening border security, but given the Democratic majority in the Senate, it is unlikely to pass. Even if the bill were to reach President Biden’s desk, he is expected to veto it.

Trump later added, “We should ban Joe Biden and the communists in the administration from using a single federal taxpayer dollar to set loose illegal aliens into the United States. Now is the time we have to fight to make sure our country survives because our country cannot take two more years of this invasion.”