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BREAKING: DeSantis Drops Out Of 2024 Race?

As per recent reports, the supporters who were backing Ron DeSantis for the presidential race in 2024 are currently requesting him to step down from the 2024 election.

According to NBC, according to various sources, several supporters and associates of the Florida governor are concerned about his recent missteps, which indicate that he might not be prepared for a challenging battle against Donald Trump. Some suggest that if DeSantis wants to disrupt the former president’s forward movement, he must speed up his plan to vie for the GOP presidential nomination and openly challenge Trump. Others argued that DeSantis should steer clear of Trump altogether and postpone his candidacy until 2028.

During a Sunday luncheon after the traditional Red Cross ball in Palm Beach, Florida, a gathering of 16 notable Republicans, comprising both supporters of DeSantis and skeptics of Trump, expressed their doubts about the governor’s potential standing in the future if he clashes with the former president, according to one of the attendees.

One person who was at the event even confessed, “They liked him — many of them might even support him. But they thought on balance that his long-term future was better without him trying to take Trump head on.”

“He will get scarred up [by Trump]” the unnamed source said.

Republicans who do not support Donald Trump rallied behind DeSantis but now it looks like DeSantis simply is not ready to face off against Trump in 2024. It would be wiser for DeSantis to stand down in 2024 and prepare for a 2028 presidential run which he could easily win with Trump out of the picture.