Has Biden's Entire Presidency Been A Failure?

Trump Warning: America In Grave Danger

Trump is very worried for America while Biden is asleep behind the wheel.

In a recent message posted on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump expressed grave concerns about the vulnerability of the United States to a potential terrorist attack. Trump lamented the perceived deterioration of the country’s border security, emphasizing that just three years ago, the U.S. boasted the strongest and safest border in its history. According to Trump, the current state of the border represents a catastrophic situation, describing it as the worst in the history of the world. He claimed that terrorists are freely entering the country from various parts of the world, and he warned of a 100% chance of major terrorist attacks in the USA, urging the immediate closure of the border.

Meanwhile, a contentious situation unfolded in Eagle Pass, Texas, where a dispute between state and federal authorities escalated regarding the management of the migrant crisis and jurisdiction along the U.S.-Mexico border. Texas authorities took a drastic step on January 10 by restricting Border Patrol agents from a 2.5-mile stretch in Eagle Pass, a location witnessing a surge in migrant crossings. This area, including Shelby Park along the Rio Grande, was barricaded with gates and razor wire, hindering Border Patrol access.

The dispute intensified on January 12 when the Texas Military Department seized and secured Shelby Park. Tragically, an incident occurred in a nearby section of the Rio Grande, resulting in the drowning of two children and a mother. Blame for the circumstances surrounding this event was attributed by officials from Texas and the federal government to each other. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security set a deadline of January 17 for Texas authorities to lift their blockade, threatening to involve the Department of Justice if the deadline was not met.

In response, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office asserted that the state would not surrender, leading to a Supreme Court decision in favor of allowing Border Patrol agents to remove razor wire set up by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott criticized President Joe Biden for diverting illegal immigrants away from legal entry points and into the perilous waters of the Rio Grande. Following the court’s ruling, 25 Republican governors expressed solidarity with Texas in the border control fight, emphasizing the state’s legal justification to protect national sovereignty due to the perceived abdication of responsibilities by the Biden Administration.