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Speaker Johnson Exposes Kamala’s Secret

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson from Louisiana strongly responded to Vice President Kamala Harris’s accusations of Republicans “playing politics” with the border crisis. Johnson criticized Harris for her approach to securing the border, highlighting her three years in office without effectively addressing the open flow of illegal immigrants into the country.

In a recent Fox News Digital interview, Johnson expressed dissatisfaction with Harris’s proposed solutions, particularly her recommendation for Congress to grant mass amnesty and allocate taxpayer dollars to process, rather than halt, the influx of illegal immigrants. He characterized her approach as spending billions more taxpayer dollars and incentivizing lawlessness and chaos, accusing the administration of attracting more aliens and compromising America’s national and economic security.

The critique was prompted by Harris’s CNN interview, where she called for “meaningful” pathways to citizenship for illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers and emphasized allocating resources to process individuals effectively. Johnson denounced Harris as President Biden’s “border czar” and asserted that the administration couldn’t be trusted to address the crisis they allegedly created.

Despite being tasked with finding long-term solutions to the border crisis and addressing root causes of mass migration from Central America, Harris has not been visibly involved in recent negotiations on Capitol Hill. Johnson criticized her absence and questioned the administration’s commitment to finding bipartisan compromises.

While Harris emphasized the broken immigration system and the need for a pathway to citizenship, Johnson and House GOP members, advocating for stricter border security measures, have pushed for policies similar to H.R.2, a border bill passed by House Republicans in May. This includes stringent asylum restrictions and a reimposition of Trump-era policies like Remain in Mexico, which has been opposed by the Democratic-controlled White House and Senate.

As negotiations continue, the number of individuals encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border last month is projected to have exceeded 300,000, marking an all-time historic high. The border crisis remains a contentious issue with stark differences in proposed solutions between the House GOP and Senate bipartisan talks.